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Dleading automobile is a specialist in all form of car deller. Our cars are latest and we also render backup service for all our customers.

With over 2 years of experience, Dleading automobile is the trusted guide in car shopping. Our website has in-depth video reviews, new and used listings, free appraisals, and calculators that verify a good price. Shoppers count on us at every step of their journey. We literally get in the driver’s seat to show shoppers how each car performs on the road. Read more about our annual Top Rated Awards and how our editors test cars.


You deserve to drive a car that speaks to your personality and reflects your lifestyle

The founding philosophy of Dleading Automobile was “design with purpose” and that root of that ideal continues with its future generations. Dleading Automobile Group says it has a vision-driven mission to create a brand that consumers will repeatedly patronize: Our vision is to build cars and trucks people want to buy, will enjoy driving and will want to buy again

What we do

Dleading Automotive Services

Buying and Selling

Dleading automobile are specialist when it come to buy and selling of new cars, you can contact us if you are interested in any of our vehicles

Car Consulting

You can consult Dleading Automobile for any vehicle you need. We give you a full consell on whivh vehicle to buy or not and at exalt place to get it for cheaper price.

Electric Alternatives

If there is any electrical issue with your vehicle, we are here to render professional service at affordable price and our price are affordable.

Quality Parts

We sell abd buy quality part of your vehicle at cheaper price


Our service Team are good when it come servicing any vehicle


we use reliable technology to repair our customer vehicle


We are committed to render the best service you can ever imagine


we give out minimum of a year for every service we render for our client

Reviews from our happy clients

We are committed to excellent service and the very best customer experience

From my first meeting with Dleading Automobilr, i knew that they really understood what i wanted from the new Evergreen Construction website and couldn't wait to see their ideas comes to life on screen. They have built an incredible car which delivers everything that I wanted and much more
Adedapo Micheal
Satisfied Customer
I have been struggling with getting a nice cars and have try several dealers but they can't give me the car i want but the day a friend gave me Dleading Automobile to try, that same day, they help me to ship in the best car I ever desire in my life.
Omolola Otugalu
Satisfied Customer

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